unfolding potential together

VThrive – Unfolding potential together. We co-create safe spaces to support the unfolding of the potential within individuals, teams and organisations.

VThrive has its name because of two elements connected to my core values that determine why and how I work. The we or togetherness (in abbreviation and slightly twisted present in the V ) and the idea of growing and unfolding potential in the Thrive. In short: I want and do my best in order that we thrive in the projects, workshops or coaching that we are in together.

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Paradigm Shift II

The effect of Templotion and Free Agency on the way we work and collaborate In an earlier post I’ve been writing already about the paradigm shift that we see happening in our working world. I’ve talked about the idea that the Dutch people are pre-destined to be front-runners in making the transitions into a new…


Over setbacks and the insights they hold in store

The warm-up At the beginning of this year I’ve been taking a phenomenal online-workshop led by a talented young Dutch lady. It’s topic was “Hoe wordt jouw 2019?” which can be translated into: “How is your 2019 going to be?” In this course we reflected upon what we had achieved in 2018 (in my case…


Happy international women’s day

I got lots of greetings today (and sent a lot out myself) on occasion of the international women’s day. The value of being reminded and inspired One could argue that it’s sad that we need a day to remind ourselves that we haven’t achieved gender equality, yet. Or one could say that this kind of…


Thanks, goodbye and hello!

Have you already thanked 2018 for the connections, learning and moments it brought? If not, let me inspire you to do so. But before I start, let’s look at what happened on a larger scale during this past year. Media is full of examples, mostly the worrying ones. We’ll only look at three of them…


paradigm shift

Nearly six month ago I moved to Amsterdam. There were a few rational reasons to do so, however, in large parts it was also a decision based on gut feeling and the promise to myself  to more often follow my heart. Since then, Amsterdam and the Dutch people taught me some very important life lessons that…

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