Have you ever asked yourself how the future of work will look like? Will automatization and artificial intelligence take over? What will be our contribution as humans? What aspects will stay and what will become relevant?

Finding answers to these questions can feel a bit like looking into the cristal ball. What if we don’t have to invent a new way of being and working but learn from each other and from professions usally not associated with our business world? Like learning from artists and reflecting with the help of music.

At the 3rd of September 2019 we took the time to reflect upon these and related questions. To dive deep into how the #futureofwork could look like and how the means of Reflection can help us to find answers, we used drawing, writing poetry, photographing and reflecting with the help of music.

If you want to engage in the last part of the ArtofAgile series at the 3rd of December 2019, please register here.